Finding Foreign Language Books and Films

The new Discovery Catalog's search makes finding materials in foreign languages easy. It is more like an internet search engine than the old catalog, and it often can account for variant spellings.

Language facet in Discovery catalogThe search limits on the left side of the page include a Language category that can help you narrow your current results. Just click the individual language to limit the current results to one specific language. You also may select (or deselect) multiple languages using the check boxes along with the Include or Exclude buttons.

Category facet including Foreing language video in Discovery CatalogIf you are searching for films in foreign languages, the Category limit includes one for "Foreign language video." Again, these search limits apply to the current search results, so you won't see the category for foreign language video unless your results include titles that fall under that category.

To begin your search, go directly to the new Discovery Catalog at or use the search box on the home page or Language Resources page.