LeiWe all dream of a tropical vacation in Hawaii.  Froggy Goes to Hawaii by Jonathon London and Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz is a fun tale of a frog and his family going on a trip to Hawaii.


Like all of the Froggy books Froggy Goes to Hawaii has colorful illustrations and a silly story children love.  You will read about all of Froggy's antics as he travels to and visits Hawaii.  This book can also stimulate conversation about our 50th state.



  • Straws
  • String or Yarn
  • Scotch Tape 
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper
  • One Hole Punch


Instructions for Hawaiian Lei

  1. Measure and cut the string or yarn to fit very loosely around you child's neck
  2. Cut several flowers or desired shape out of construction paper
  3. Punch a single hole in the middle of flowers or desired shape
  4. Cut straws into 1" pieces
  5. Alternately thread the flower or desired shapes and straws onto the string/yarn
  6. When string/yarn is full, tie the ends together


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