Transform Your Memories Into Digital Formats


Westlake Porter Public Library has a wide variety of technology that will help you transform your memories stored on slides, pictures, videocassettes, audiocassettes, and records into digital formats! We had a (full plus waiting list!) Maker Monday on the subject back in April, but don't worry, you can just stop by the Reference Desk to sign up and use the equipment at any time!

Everything is free to use, and it's all self-service- just bring in your own blank media (DVD-Rs, USB drives, etc.)

  • Scan Pictures to USB Drives - Did you know that you can scan your pictures (even large photo album pages) onto your USB drive using any of the copiers?
  • Slide to Digital Converter - Scan individual 35mm slides (up to five at a time) onto an SD card or transfer to a computer via USB. Cases are also included for other film sizes and negatives. The quality won't be as good as from a professional company, but it'll do the trick.
  • Records to MP3 - Bring in your (clean as possible) vinyl records to our USB Turntable Maker Station to convert your LPs and singles to MP3 (or WAV) formats, which you can then save on your USB drive. Take it home and burn the files to CD or transfer them to your MP3 player if you want.
  • Audiocassettes to MP3 - At the same station, you can also convert your audiocassettes to (mono) MP3s. (If you want stereo conversions, bring in your own stereo audiocassette player with a headphone jack to plug into).
  • VHS to DVD - Sign up at the Reference Desk to use this Maker Station for up to 4 hours per day (more is allowed if no one is behind you). Bring in a blank DVD-R (or several) to transfer to. Also included is a VHS-C converter for the little VHS-C tapes that were used in certain camcorders. We don't have a converter for Hi-8, Digital 8, or 8mm tapes, but you are able to bring in your original camcorder that played them, plug it into the Maker Station, and convert them to DVD that way.