Henry "Box" Brown

Freedom QuiltLet's Celebrate Black History month with an educational read and craft. Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine and illustrated by Kadir Nelson is a touching story of a young slave's journey to freedom. Henry's Freedom Box tells the story of Henry "Box" Brown and how he mailed himself to freedom in a wooden crate. Henry is known as being one of the Underground Railroad's most famous slaves. This book will bring up great conversation and teach your child about an important time in the history of our country.


This craft is a section of a freedom quilt.  The Freedom Quilt had different patterns to tell slaves how to escape to freedom.  The quilt patterns were used before and during the Civil War.  The North Star quilt pattern relayed two messages.  It told slaves to prepare to escape and directed the slaves to escape to the north.  Slaves could not read, so using quilt patterns were an effective way to communicate.


North Star Freedom Quilt Pattern


Construction paper (three colors of your choice)




  • Cut a large square from one color of construction paper
  • Cut a smaller square from another color of construction paper
  • Glue the smaller square in the middle of the larger sqaure (use picture a your guide)
  • Cut  8 triangles from the third color and glue the around the smaller square onto the larger square

Great Job!




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