Fun Things to 3D Print

Tonight's Maker Monday, "Fun Things to 3D Print," may inspire you to create your own 3D-printable objects. Some of those techniques have already been described in this earlier blog post (including how to access the tutorials on how to use them through Read that post to learn more about designing objects from scratch on the computer with Tinkercad, Meshmixer, or Blender. You can also learn how to scan real-life objects with your smartphone with 123D Catch.

Another program you can use to create 3D objects on the computer from scratch is SketchUp (video tutorials here). 

Great places to download existing 3D models include Thingiverse, YouMagine, and Yeggi (the latter searches all kinds of 3D model sites, but not all models will make good candidates for 3D printing). 

If you wanted to see how you can make custom records for an old Fisher Price Record Player music box, check out Instructables.

No matter what fun things you find (or make) to 3D print, you'll need to take a 3D Printing Orientation at the library first. To schedule one, just call the Reference Desk at 440-250-5460!