52 Ways to Love Your Body by Kimber Simpkins


We see them everywhere: flawless-looking women on the cover of glossy magazines, on television and in movies, and on billboards advertising virtually everything. With such ubiquitous imagery it’s not surprising, then, that according to a recent survey, 80 percent of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Author and yoga instructor Kimber Simpkins is well aware of these statistics because she used to count herself among the self-deprecating. Even when she reached “some mythical state of happy thinness,” she realized that it “did not bring the elation and self-satisfaction I’d hoped for.” Since discovering yoga and meditation, however, she has learned to love her body and has written a book to help other women do the same. 52 Ways to Love Your Body offers a wealth of ideas for pampering yourself, silencing your inner critic, forgiving yourself, dealing with setbacks, and even teaching your children to love their bodies. Simpkins knows this isn’t an easy journey. She writes, “[I]f it feels hard to love your body, that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. It’s gonna be hard sometimes.” But the effort is worth it, she encourages. Even if you never learn to fully embrace your body, you can still benefit from learning to be more positive, healthy, and compassionate. As she challenges, “What would be possible in your life?”