Choosing Love by Sherianna Boyle


As humans, most of us have a basic need to love and be loved. Often, however, many internal and external obstacles prevent us from satisfying this need. In her new book, Choosing Love, professor, energy healer, and former school psychologist Sherianna Boyle draws from her personal and professional experiences to share her belief that love is a choice that is essential to make to live a “full, fearless, and authentic” life. Boyle examines what love is, what happens when love is not present in an individual’s life, and how to create a love-filled life using tools such as meditation, exercises, and affirmations. Boyle also offers helpful hints through sidebars she calls “Love Notes”, in which she shares her personal stories that have helped her choose a life of love. As she writes, “Choosing love is a way to release stress, remove obstacles, wash away negativity, release toxic memories, sharpen your awareness, forgive, be present, let go, manifest your dreams, and more.”