Super You: Release Your Inner Superhero by Emily V. Gordon


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s . . . YOU! Never thought of yourself as a superhero? Writer, producer, and former therapist Emily V. Gordon has. In her new book, Super You: Release Your Inner Superhero, Gordon explains how to unleash your inner superhero and explore your passions, strengths, and dreams to help you live a more authentic life. Through humorous and often earthy prose, Gordon challenges readers to take control of virtually any aspect of their lives by setting goals, understanding the differences among rights, choices, and responsibilities (e.g., Right: “No” is a complete sentence; Choice: “I choose not to be in a relationship”; Responsibility: As an employee, you have a responsibility to do the best work that you are compensated for.), and using tools such as journaling and finding a mentor to avoid pitfalls and setbacks. Super You is anything but dry, filled with cartoon illustrations by Hannah Nance Partlow, as well as quizzes and checklists. As Gordon advocates, “Life is happening either way. Change is mandatory, growth is optional, and greatness is inside all of us.” How will your superhero manifest itself? Super You is a fun tool to help you with your discoveries.