The Power of Forgiveness: Forgiving as a Path to Freedom by Joan Gattuso

Power of Forgiveness

No matter how or to what degree you have been wounded by another person, it’s often difficult, if not impossible, to “forgive and forget”, as the saying goes. Harboring resentment, anger, guilt, and other negative emotions, however, can eventually take a physical and mental toll. In her new book, The Power of Forgiveness: Forgiving as a Path to Freedom, author, Unity minister, and international speaker Joan Gattuso offers practical and meaningful strategies for readers who want to let go and move on. Through sharing her own and others’ stories, Gattuso helps individuals understand, among other things, why forgiveness is important, how they can forgive in seemingly impossible situations, and how to heal using techniques such as meditation, journaling, affirmations, and finding a spiritual mentor. As Gattuso advises, “[Y]ou don’t do forgiveness work to change the other person. . . . You engage in these practices to change you.” With its enlightening and educational, yet also accessible, prose, The Power of Forgiveness will help guide you on a more positive, healthy, and spiritual journey.