The Mitten

Cover of The Mitten by Jan BrettThe weather is finally turning colder and we need to pull out our warmer clothes. Kids love to bundle up with their favorite hats and mittens.

A great book to share with your children is The Mitten by Jan Brett. It is a magical story of a boy who loses his mitten and it is found by woodland animals.

The MittenAfter reading the story you child can complete this simple mitten craft.

Items needed for craft:

  • Construction paper (two different colors)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cotton balls or fiberfill

The Mitten Craft

  1. Have your child trace his/her hand on one piece of construction paper
  2. Cut hand tracing out of construction paper
  3. Trace a mitten shape larger than child's hand tracing and glue two pieces together
  4. At this point, one side of construction paper should be the outline of a mitten and the other a mitten with tracing of your child's hand.
  5. Lastly, glue cotton/fiberfill to both sides of the mitten (use picture as your guide)