Edit Digital Photos Online, Download Picasa, and Learn from Lynda.com


Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the recent Digital Photos Online and Picasa classes! The next two digital photography classes may also be full, but that doesn't mean you can't learn some of the material from the comfort of your own home.

With just your Westlake Porter Public Library card and PIN, you can access Lynda.com, a huge database of video tutorials to almost any software you can imagine (plus some more videos on business skills!)

You can either go to it directly by clicking on this link, or access it the "long way" (along with the rest of our handy research resources) by doing the following:

  • Under “View Databases by,” click on “L” and “Lynda.com
  • Click “Connect to Lynda.com

  • Log in with your library card number and PIN. If it doesn't work despite typing both numbers in correctly, try again later. Since only 20 patrons can log into Lynda.com from home at one time, wait to see if someone else logs off. However, from the library itself, Lynda.com will always be accessible.
  • Once at Lynda.com, you can either browse subjects to learn about, or just type the name of a software program in the Search box (for example, "Picasa.") Lo and behold, here's Picasa 3 Essential Training!


(You can download Picasa itself by clicking here.)

Want to easily upload your photos from Picasa to your photo albums on Facebook? Just use the Picasa Uploader for Facebook.

Besides Picasa, another free digital photo editing program is GIMP, which has many similarities with Adobe Photoshop, but without the hefty $999 price tag. GIMP, too, has Lynda.com tutorials.

Finally, for those who didn't get to attend Digital Photos Online, we had a lot of fun being silly and editing photos on ribbet. Try it out, and you too can experiment with buttons like "CinemaScope," "Shine-Be-Gone," "1960s," "Blemish Fix," and "Insta-Thin!" (alas, ribbet only works on photos, not real life!)