Library Use Policy

The Library Use Policy was established in order to promote an environment conducive to regular library activities for everyone using the library. It prohibits behaviors that are unsafe or injurious, or that would inordinately disturb others using the library. To provide an atmosphere conducive to an enjoyable library visit by all, visitors to Westlake Porter Public Library must refrain from:

  • harming, accosting, harassing or otherwise abusing others;
  • disrupting library use;
  • leaving youth unattended;
  • damaging, stealing, or otherwise misusing library property;
  • engaging in unlawful activities;
  • creating unsafe or unhealthy conditions;
  • bringing animals into the building (except for those assisting people with disabilities).

Any individual who willfully violates or aids/abets one who willfully violates the Library Use Policy may be excluded from the library and/or have his or her library privileges revoked. Library employees have the right and responsiblity to enforce these policies. A publication available at the Library's Circulation Desk explains specific inappropriate library activities from each of the above categories and what sanctions may be taken.