Viewing & Listening Stations

Viewing and Listening Stations Policy

Westlake Porter Public Library has a VCR and a DVD player available in two of the tutoring rooms in the Adult Services area, plus a VCR in the Youth Services area. Because these rooms are primarily tutoring rooms and secondarily, preview rooms, they will be available for the previewing of videos when not being used for studying. Users of the preview stations are limited to 30-minute periods. Staff may extend the
time up to two hours if they feel it is appropriate, e.g., for students viewing nonfiction videocassettes assigned in distance learning classes or for adults viewing nonfiction videocassettes as a continuing education assignment or for their jobs.

  • Videos viewed in these rooms by more than 3 people must have PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS.
    Customers are responsible for operating equipment and liable for damage.
  • Customers can book the preview rooms in-person, at the staff desk serving the area in which the rooms are located.

Listening stations for CDs are available near the Popular Materials Desk and in Youth Services. They are available to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. These players cannot be reserved. Customers may be limited to 30 minutes if someone is waiting to use the equipment. Customers abusing the equipment or playing the music loud enough to be heard outside the earphones will be asked to leave the station.

Customers or, in the case of minors, those financially responsible for them, are responsible for the operation of that equipment and are liable for any damages to it.

The library respects the sole right and responsibility of each parent to be aware of his or her child’s reading, viewing, listening, and computer habits or selections.