Institution/Corporate Library Card Policy

Any institution, business, or corporation may request a library card.

An application form will be mailed to the institution, business, or corporation requesting a card, with the following instructions:

  • The completed form must be returned to the Library.
  • A letter on company stationery stating who in the organization is authorized to use the card; and, that the institution/business/corporation accepts responsibility for any fines, fees or charges leveled against the card needs to accompany the application form.
  • Once the application form and letter are on file with the library, a library card will be mailed to the organization.
  • Any changes to Institution cards such as the names of authorized borrowers, address, phone numbers, etc. need to be requested in writing on the institution's letter head.

The library card will be required when materials are checked out.

Institutional loan policies are the same as for all library cardholders:

  • Limit to 75 items
  • Normal loan periods apply
  • Six (6) renewals, if no holds are waiting on an item
  • Fines must be paid for overdue materials
  • Fees must be paid for notices, etc.
  • Lost materials must be paid for
  • Accounts with long overdue materials will be sent to a collection agency.

Institutions/businesses/corporations may call and request specific items to be held for them at the Circulation Desk, as may other library customers.

If there are only a few items being held, they may be picked up at the Pick-up Window or placed in the After-hours Pick-up Lockers.