After-Hours Locker Policy

After-hours locker roomAfter-hours lockers are located on the south side of the building, east of the pickup window and drive-up book drops.

Customers may place requests for after-hours locker pickup of materials via phone, e-mail, or in person.

Customers’ library card numbers will serve as the locker combination. Lock combinations will work only on the night they are assigned.

Library staff will reset the combination daily for each locker.

Staff will place materials in the lockers prior to closing.

Materials must be picked up no later than opening time the next day. Materials left in lockers will be placed back into circulation the next morning.

Every effort will be made to accommodate after hours requests prior to closing. Staff will check on the material(s) availability; and, available items will be sent to Circulation. Circulation will check out the materials to the patron and place them in the locker for pick up.

The code is set for the last seven (7) digits of the library card number.

When the patron keys in the code, ending with the pound (#) sign, their specific locker will open.

The after hours lockers room is unlocked and lit when there is material waiting for pick up.