Art Exhibits/Gallery Wall Policy


Gallery space is available for exhibits of artwork particularly of local and regional. Westlake Porter Public Library provides this space to feature art, as part of the library’s cultural mission. The library is a central community gathering place, and its easy public accessibility and numerous hours of operation make WPPL’s space an advantageous public venue. Having artwork in the library also enhances the library’s environment for patrons, and helps to promote both art and artists. While all artwork will be considered, this space is not provided for commercial, nor for specifically religious or political purposes. Westlake Porter Public Library makes the final decision on the content and arrangement of all Gallery Exhibits accepted.

Other selection guidelines for exhibits include:

  • Selection criteria for art exhibits follows the standards set in the library’s collection development policy.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse artworks not conforming to WPPL’s collection development policy or gallery policy.
  • Patrons may request to reconsider an art piece just as they can any other material available in the library. The procedure for reconsideration is explained in the collection development policy.

In return for the opportunity to exhibit at the library, WPPL requests a commission of 20% for any artwork sold. The commission on any artwork sold will be placed into a fund to purchase a collection of artwork for the library.

WPPL assumes no liability for items installed, displayed or exhibited. The library does not insure exhibits.


Individual artists must apply in advance to exhibit their work at the WPPL. Slides, photographs or color copies of the work must be submitted with an itemized list of the artworks to be exhibited, an artist’s biography, and an artist’s statement. Artists and groups approved to exhibit their work at WPPL will be given specific scheduled dates, after their work has been evaluated. Once an artist has been selected to display artwork at WPPL, exhibitors must comply with the dates/times established for setting up and taking down artwork. Assistance will be provided, but the artist or artist’s representative must be present and assist with both hanging and taking down the exhibit.

Other exhibiting logistics & policies are:
Library sponsored or co-sponsored exhibits take precedence over other exhibits at all times and the library reserves the right to, without notice, cancel the use of the display areas by outside exhibitors if the Library Director or Library Board of Trustees determines that the display space is needed for library purposes.

Artwork must be ready for exhibition with two-dimensional work having proper matting, framing and wire for hanging. Three-dimensional work should be ready for the display cases and all work must be tagged on the back with title. Any work not conforming to these standards will not be exhibited. All items must be labeled with the artist’s name, title of work, and price or “NFS”.

The Library's hanging system allows for some flexibility in height and location of paintings. No additional hooks, nails, or other fasteners will be attached to the walls of the Library. Additional hangers are available.

Exhibitors may book one of the Library's Meeting Rooms for a “Meet the Artist” reception.

  • Use of the Meeting Room will be allowed subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Library's Meeting Room policy.
  • The Library cannot be held responsible for artworks that are not picked up by the designated date after exhibition.
  • Exhibits in the meeting room shall be available to the general public only when no other meetings are in session. No meetings shall be interrupted to set-up, remove, or to view any exhibit while a meeting is in session.
  • Exhibits must remain throughout the duration of the dates scheduled
  • The library provides no display materials or storage space.

The Library coordinates display for all exhibits and as a courtesy to exhibitors, the Library will facilitate publicity about the exhibit and may include some promotion such as press releases to local and regional newspapers, calendars, and brochures. If an artist contacts, on his/her own, any local media, the artist must inform the library.

Applications may be picked up from the Group Services office or the Reception Desk