The Flag is back!


Our Flag is once again flying proudly, following the relocation and repair of the flag pole. Problems started several years ago as the trees planted around the pole grew too big. From time to time, particularly during half mast, the flag would get caught in the trees and become torn and tattered. The canopies were too big and full to effectively cut back without destroying the shape and aesthetic appearance of the trees.

During our recent landscaping project we were able to move the pole 100 feet to the west to avoid any future problems. We were also able to repaint the pole and landscape the base adding to the beauty and dignity of such a grand symbol of our nation.

The moving of the flag pole took a bit longer than we hoped but we believe the result was well worth it. It is somehow fitting that the flag will once again be raised on July 2, the day that the Continental Congress voted to separate from Great Britain, and two days before the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Happy 4th of July to all!

Andrew Mangels, Director