Shelley - Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

by Shelley

She is my best friend,
We were inseparable,
We had our fights,
We always made up,
Saying that no matter what,
We love each other.

We were always there for each other,
Through the thick and the thin,
She fixed me up when I was broken,

We grew up together,
Went to the same school,
She was always so smart,
And nice,
I love her,
And always will.

We are older now,
More homework,
Different classes,
And different groups of friends,
She'll still always be the one I go to,
When I need a true friend,
She gives the best advice in town.

Today I turn away,
Trying to hide my tears,
As I help her pack,

We make our way to the car now,
Tension in the air,
My family is dropping her off,
They love her also,
As we get nearer,
Sitting in the backseat,
We can't look at each other.

I face the window,
Wiping away tears,
I can't help but thinking,
This will be the last time I sit in a car with her,
This will be the last time we smile at each other,
I can't live without her,
She had become a part of me.

As we arrive,
She turns to look at me,
There are tears in here eyes,
"I'll miss you like crazy." She whispers,
"Call me everyday and tell me everything," I reply,
We hug,
No words to describe the sadness.

As we drive away,
I look back,
And see her standing there,
On campus,
Waving through her tears,
I miss her already,
Only three years,
Until I can join,
My older sister,
At college.