Libby - Who Will Save

Who Will Save

by Libby

Clawing upwards
a darkness that tears the
and rends the soul
Cold fingers that force
tears hidden
in the grief from within
only to echo unanswered in silence.
An unsatified slumber
disturbed by nightmares,
dreams with no meaning,
a scream again with no reply.
Who will save
when heroes no longer stand,
when the knight's armor lies rusted
in castles too ancient to stand on their own,
with rocks that crumble when the earth weeps?
A world with darkness at its heart.
A world dying,
by its own children,
and yet the scream continues,
tears running down clay cheeks
as outstretched hands burn,
the leafy fingertips turning to ash.
Who will save
when the hero's death-blood runs red and fresh,
shield shattered upon the very rock he tried to save
as the death-rain hails from above,
killing all who lie beneath?
The stars shower with dusty tears
as their child dies,
writhing with fire and smoke and pain,
bleeding emptiness from its pores
as desert conquers all.
One night the moon will shine
on a place devoid of life,
where ash blows in the voiceless breeze,
forgiving the children for what they had done,
and breathing the memories
of their names,
never to be spoken