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A sweeeeet read for ages 9 and up.

Books of Elsewhere The Shadows Vol. 1

WordWeaver just finished a really exciting and scary new first book in a series, THE BOOKS OF ELSEWHERE, THE SHADOWS VOL. 1 by Jacqueline West. Imagine moving into a large, old creaky mansion. With no brothers or sisters, eleven-year-old Olive has to entertain herself while her math professor parents busy themselves with work. When Olive finds an old pair of spectacles in a dresser drawer, little does she know of the danger they will bring her. Suddenly, she can enter into old paintings on the walls. Deep, dark danger awaits.


Poor Popeye was not looking forward to a boring summer. Especially in Fayette, South Carolina, the most boring place in the world!
Until, he meets Elvis and his five brothers and sisters stuck in mud by the side of the road in a Holiday Rambler.
Adventure arrives floating down the creek as Popeye and Elvis explore. Where are the little cardboard sailboats coming from? Ages 8 - 12

Diamond of Darkhold

Grades 5 & up.

Prophet of Yonwood

Grades 5 & up

People of Sparks

Grades 5 & up

City of Ember

Grades 5 & up.

Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies

Joules and Kevin think they're in for a week of typical camp activities when their parents drop them off at Camp Whatsitooya. What they get is monstrous, sugar-addicted alien bunnies bent on taking over the planet! Can they save their fellow campers from the F.L.U.F.F.'s?

Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban

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