For Parents: Privacy Policy


What personally identifiable information we collect

The Personally Identifiable Information that we collect include a valid library card number where applicable, and a valid email address.

How we use this information

Only library staff, mainly the Web Librarian, will see this information. The email is used only for interaction within the website by staff members, and mostly for the account-creation process.


User names

User accounts have to be approved by the Web Librarian before they become active. If someone chooses a user name for the site that appears to reveal his/her actual name, the account will not be approved. The Web Librarian will send an email to the email address provided at registration, asking for a new user name.

Communication Between Members

There is neither online chat, nor direct messaging between members on this site.

Monitoring of Reviews and Posts

Reviews and comments are not visible until they have been approved by staff, who check them for criteria discussed in our Guidelines. Reviews that are off topic, or that contain inappropriate language or personal information will not be posted.

Third-party Access to Information

No third-party entities will have access to personally identifiable information. Period.

Accessing the information that we collect for your child.

If you would like to see the Personally Identifiable Information that we have collected on your child, contact the Web Librarian at (440) 871-2600. You will need to provide the library card number.