About Emily's Book Shelf

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Emily's Book Shelf is a website where readers in Grades 3 through 8 can review and rate books that they have read.

Emily Lewis

Emily participated in Westlake Porter Public Library's Mom and Daughter Book Club for two years, and was a voracious reader. In 2006, She was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, a rare form of kidney cancer at the age of 9. On Aug. 8, 2009, she lost her fight with cancer. We created this online book club in her memory. So you'll see butterflies and horses, here and there, throughout the site. In addition to books, these were her favorite things.

Rules (boo!)

Yes, anything grownups create has rules, and Emily's Book Shelf is no different. But our rules are designed to make sure that Emily's Book Shelf is a fun place where you can express yourself, and help you find books that you enjoy reading. You can read about the rules here: here.


To review a book, first see if it has already been entered into the site. You can browse by the book's title, or you can browse by author. There is also a search box on the front of the site. You have to have an account (Register here -- choose "Create a new account")

If you don't find it, enter it using the form on the front of the site. Enter the title and the author. We'll add the cover. Write your review. When you're done, hit "submit" and a staff member will check it based on those rules you read about earlier. We won't correct spelling and grammar.

If your book is already there, you can add your review to any others with the "Add a Comment" link at the bottom of each book entry.


To keep a list of your favorite books, click on "add to favorites" on a review page. That list of favorites shows up on your profile. Click on others' user names from a book review or comment to see their favorites lists. This way you can discover new books to read.

Track your postings:

Click on "My Account" and then click on the "Track" tab. You will see your reviews and any books you have added comments to, along with any new comments addedd by others.


Every book in Emily's Book Shelf has a star rating field. You can vote and the average ratings will be displayed.

The future of Emily's Book Shelf

We have big plans for Emily's Book Shelf. Soon, you will be able to create an online account to keep track of your reviews. As Emily's Book Shelf grows, we'll want to hear your ideas. After all, this site is for you.