Emily's Online Book Club is designed for readers in grades 3 through 8. Staff will check all book submissions to make sure they are appropriate for this age group.

Staff will add cover art for the books.

Staff will monitor reviews and comments, and will not publish those that:

  • use inappropriate language (see "Behavior" below)
  • are off topic
  • contain spoilers (ruin an ending)
  • appear to contain personally identifiable information (people's names, phone numbers, addresses -- physical or email).


We do not allow people to disrespect each other inside the library; we will not permit disrespect in the online book club.

Remember: somebody loves a book you hate, and somebody hates a book that you love. You don't have to agree, but you do have to express yourself in a civil manner.

I hereby promise, no:

  • Bullying
  • Name calling
  • Offensive language

No Spoilers!

Also, by participating you must take the NO SPOILER'S PLEDGE!
I hereby promise to not ruin the ending of a book, because ruining a book for someone else is so NOT COOL! We will check comments, and if we decide that it will ruin an ending, we will not post it.

Spelling and Grammar

Staff will not correct postings for spelling and grammar.