Fast Internet access at the library!

Connect Fast @ Your Library!

When you visit Westlake Porter Public Library, you can bring your own laptop/notebook computer and, if properly equipped and configured, plug into our high-speed network. Cruise the Internet, check your email*, use some of our high-value subscription reference resources, access our catalog -- all over a fast wired or wireless connection, and all at no charge!

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Our free wireless Hot-Spots
Email and Your Computer

Print from your notebook!

During your visit to the library you can print from your PC or Mac notebook computer to our black and white and color laser printers. You must be connected to our internal public network either via network cable or wirelessly in order to print. The cost to print is the same as if you were seated at a library-owned PC. Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions to download and temporarily install a small program. When it is time to print click on "File", "Print", and select the library printer you wish to use. Click here to temporarily install the printing software.

Online resources you can use while @ Your Library....

The library subscribes to many valuable resources that you can use with your own notebook computer when you bring it to the library and connect using our high-speed wired or wireless access. A complete list by name and subject can be found on our Research Resources page, along with further explanation and links to help files.

*NOTE: You should have no problem accessing Web-based email systems like HotMail, Netscape Mail, Yahoo!, etc. If you use a POP3 email client it is unlikely you can send email as most providers, in order to prevent spam relays, prohibit email from being sent by computers not directly connected to their networks.

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