Email and Your Computer @ Your Library

When you use your notebook computer here at Westlake Porter Public Library and have connected to our public network, you will have high-speed access to the Internet. You may wish to send and receive email. Here are some  facts and suggestions:
  • The library does not provide email accounts to the public. You can sign up for free Web-based email through Google, Hotmail, Yahoo!, or any number of other providers. Web-based email accounts can be accessed from just about anywhere you can use the Web.
  • You may not be able to send email from your personal or company email account using Outlook, Thunderbird, or other POP3 email applications. The reason for this is that most private email systems (SMTP servers) will not accept outgoing email from an "outside" network -- they will not "relay" email -- in order to prevent spamming and other abusive mail server usage. Corporate networks often offer VPN access to employees which will allow authorized users to access those private email systems.
  • Most ISPs that offer POP3 email will also offer Web access to subscriber email accounts. This will work through our library's public access network as well as the free Web mail accounts do. Check with your service provider on how to access your email account via the Web.
If you have any other questions, please ask a member of our Electronic Services staff.

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