Be Frank With Me (Julia Claiborne Johnson)

Everyone Loves Ice Cream

Summer vacation is almost here and kids love ice cream in the summer. Don't let the chill in air stop you from starting you summer early. You can enjoy an ice cream with you child anytime. The following book and craft are a perfect accompaniment to your ice cream outing.

ice cream cone

Summer Movie Guide


This summer is packed with movies that are based on books.

Celebrate National Twilight Zone Day!

Twilight Zone smaller

While the “national day” craze has gotten a bit out of hand of late, today’s quasi-holiday is one I can get behind: Twilight Zone Day. Created to honor Rod Serling’s seminal TV series, Twilight Zone Day is the perfect time to revisit your favorite Zone moments.

M is for May, Music, and Mental Health


Music is a central part of our lives and our memories. To help preserve those memories, last month's Maker Monday was on how to Digitize Your Records and Cassettes (click the link for resources), featuring the library's USB Turntable Maker Station kindly donated by a patron. It's located near Electronic Services. Anyone can come in with records of any speed and transfer them to MP3 (or other digital formats) using the attached Linux Mint computer (register for this month's Play with Linux program to familiarize yourself with that operating system). The Maker Station is chock full of wonderful multimedia programs for you to record, edit, convert, produce, and even write your own music! And has plenty of video tutorials that will teach you how to use them.

Going On A Bug Safari

Spring is the perfect time to go on a bug hunt.  Children love getting outside, getting dirty and looking for bugs.  Encourage your child to look under rocks or behind logs.  You can send them out into the yard or take them to a local park.  Be sure to explain how bugs are important to our eco-system and have them observe the bugs in their habitat.

Before or (after) heading out on your bug hunt read Bug Safari by Bob Barner and make your own bug hunting binoculars.


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Turns out we’re about a month away from Lucky Penny Day on May 23rd.  Pennies are very prolific and my youngest loves to pick them up wherever he finds them.


The warm weather has finally arrived. Spring is a great time to get outside.  A fun spring time activity is to take your kids on a hike to your local park. Many of the parks in the Cleveland area have ponds. Keep your eye out for turtles while you are there. Ohio has several species of turtles including the painted turtle, the spotted turtle and the eastern box turtle.Turtle

Happy 100th Birthday Beverly Cleary!

5 Fictional Bands You Can Find at Your Library

Everyone has their favorite bands.  Personally, one of my all-time favorites is the British musical duo The Bishop and the Warlord.