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Did you know there are two search boxes on our Web pages? The two forms look for information in two separate places!

Titled "Search Catalog," the first search form is the place where users can enter a title, subject, author's name, or key words. By clicking the "Search Now" button they can conveniently search the library's catalog of materials for items of interest.

The second search box, titled "Search this site," does just that ... it can be used to search our main Web site for information about the library, its services, policies, things that aren't in our catalog.

For the best chance of success, users should pick the one search box that is most appropriate for what is being sought.


Hello WPPL,

Perhaps I am being somewhat dense, but in your newly configured website, I cannot find anything about your research databases. I know they are there, I have used them many times and often from home, but there is nothing that refers to databases, research, etc. that appears on an early screen. I have found them at times, but then can't locate them again. I cannot understand why they would be a hidden feature. Is there a perfectly obvious place to locate them, or do others have this problem as well? Most libraries have a button marked "research" that then links to several areas.I do understand that you are still under construction (or renovation), but this is a weak area!

Thank you, JW


The databases you seek are now collected under "reference resources" in the Navigation block on the left-hand side of every page. "Research" may be too narrow a term for what we have collected there and what we plan to add to the reference area. Thanks for your comment.

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